Orlando Media


Orlando Media provides creative media services for marketing, communications and education, with an emphasis on video production.

Orlando is run by Mike Tomlinson, an experienced film-maker, photographer and broadcast TV journalist with expertise in new digital media.

He specialises in communicating healthcare, medicine, science and technology to the general public and specialist audiences.

For the past 15 years, Orlandio Media has focussed particularly on producing video programmes for the NHS. These are high production value but affordable resources, delivered over the internet to target audiences that include health care professionals, stakeholders and patients.

As well as video production, we provide stills photography, web design and scientific or technical copywriting. This means we can provide a complete cross-media solution for our clients, including websites, conference presentations and printed materials. We can help clients build a suite of digital assets that can be used cost-effectively across different platforms.

We work with the NHS, medical journals, independent healthcare organisations, universities and commercial companies, particularly those working in medicine, science and technology sectors.

Orlando Media is a small business that works closely with partner company, Oxford Digital Media, especially for projects requiring multi-person crews and complex facilities such as conference recording and web streaming. Oxford Digital Media also has a green screen video studio and sound recording, editing, music composition and motion graphics facilities.

Orlando has recently formed a partnership with Oxford Digital Media and medical journalist Helen Saul, ODM-Medical, to specialise in the production of video for medical and healthcare clients.